Auto Feeder Helmet

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Minecraft Auto Feeder Helmet Mod

Auto Feeder Helmet is one of the newest Minecraft Mods. It is known as a neat little device that it can attach to any helmet in the Minecraft game and some from other Minecraft mods. The outstanding function of an Auto Feeder Helmet is that it can automatically feed you when you are satiated so long as you have food in inventory.

Minecraft Auto Feeder Helmet Mod

Download Minecraft Auto Feeder Helmet Mod Free and what you can do is to craft the feeder module and place it in a crafting grid with any helmet you like. Hover over the protective hat and you will understand how it works. It will notify “Auto Feeding Mode”. After that, you can return to daily quests within Minecraft.

Minecraft Auto Feeder Helmet Mod

Further, you may not know that Minecraft Auto Feeder Helmet Mod is running because the helmet will appear when your hunger has come. Quickly, you can notice some food in the store has disappeared and your health with hunger is at 100%.

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Minecraft Auto Feeder Helmet Mod 2

It’s essential for you to recognize that Auto Feeder Helmet is a mod working too effectively! So, don’t forget to refill the inventory! It’s really beneficial to save your time and generate a hot bar slot as you can get energy whenever in your food bank for the helmet to accelerate.