Fnaf: Virutal_Cams

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Fnaf: Virutal_ Cams is a fan creation that can test your controlling-camera skill. You should download this fan-made work and start to explore lots of interesting stuff. Your main mission is to interact with animatronics to make them move. To do so, you have to hit some key letters, like B for Bonnie, C for Chica, and F for Freddy. Try to click right mouse button on camera to force them to move. Then you can look over the current zone of the selected animatronic by clicking left mouse button on the camera. Go to East lobby and select YOU using the right mouse button to force Foxy to move. You can force out Foxy Hallucinations with key Ctrl as well. Also, you should try to hold Chica or Bonnie in the party room or toilets. Have fun!

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