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SlashBlade is one of the best Minecraft Mods you can download for free to experience cool challenges. If you are a fan of Minecraft games online, you will find it funnier to explore Minecraft Mods. This time, you will take a deeper look at SplashBlade mod!

About SlashBlade mod

SlashBlade is a weapon for Minecraft games. With this SlashBlade, you will get new katanas to fight off your opponents in Minecraft. The weapon brings a traditional soul to the game, but it also carries some cool fighting animations. More importantly, their appearance is so stylish and nice.

SlashBlade mod
SlashBlade mod

The thing that makes this Minecraft mod special is unique attacks. When you use a katana, you will find it very interesting and it will make you sink in using the katana. There are lots of types of blades you can pick from. Each of them has its own speed and attack damage. Either using a left or right mouse, you can implement simple slash attacks.

SlashBlade mod 2
SlashBlade mod

Also, the slashes from SlashBlade can be merged to have epic combo finishers.

SlashBlade mod

Another thing you can experience from this mod is that it features nice stands for your blades and they have various display types, including single stands and dual wall mounts.

SlashBlade mod 4
SlashBlade mod

Feel free to get SlashBlade from the list of Minecraft Mods and use it to better your gaming experience in Minecraft games!

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