Five Nights of Love

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Five Nights of Love

Dating one of the cute animatronics in Five Nights at Freddy’s games must be so funny and amazing! Let’s suit your desire with Five Nights of Love made by a fan right now!

Five Nights of Love still puts you in the shoes of the night watchman, but your mission is completely different from the original game. Instead of trying to scare those animatronics away from you, now you will go for them! Make the best use of your surveillance cameras and try to hunt for your love targets. You need to find those animatronics roaming around the building in order to talk to them, give them the gifts and try to catch their love. You need to increase your love point so that you will know who your real true mate is! The only way to earn more money for buying gifts is to sweep the floors. While playing, you also need to watch your energy bar and don’t let it down to zero, if this happens, you should finish that night and begin another one. Okie guys, let your game begin now and see who your mate is! Have fun!

Five Nights of Love

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